Medusa Head Records

Tuft- The Golden Age
A stream of blaring Siren calls and penetrating low drones come together in grimly lurid guitar representations of those mercurial moments when glistening splendor and delight reaches an inevitable zenith and then recedes back into the maelstrom. Hurts your ears and your feelings. Running Time: 59:27. Year: 2020

theFlu - The Flat Earth
A dark and troubling examination of pervasive human ignorance and corrosive anti-intellectualism. Complexly layered tonalities fuse together into three sonic megaliths that encourage us to consider why we think the things we think. Part two of a planned trilogy. Running Time: 1:44:07 Year: 2020

Tuft - The Old Wound
Tuft re-emerges after a long, unplanned dormancy and deals the Dolorous Stroke. Inspired by Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur, these tracks are coarse, ponderous solo guitar distillations of Arthurian legend written in medieval modalities producing a sound more geological than musical. Play it loud, erase your brain. Running Time: 49:42 Year: 2019

Gorslava - Chromatic Ritual Magic
A fuzzy, heavy doom rock transliteration of some kind of weird proto-sorcerer's field notebook digging deep into the cosmology and geography of the self. Tons of thick riffery and non-obvious, linear arrangements. Mixed and Mastered by James Plotkin. Vinyl release limited to 300 copies. Running Time: 43:41 Year: 2019

theFlu - World Wide
A 90-minute immersion into a world of sickness and disease. Intensely textured and disconcerting soundscapes filled with endless queasy details that explore the depths of disgust and repulsion. This complex and ambitious work is the first part of a planned trilogy. Running Time: 1:32:26 Year: 2019

Tuft - Gust of Lead
Tuft's pièce de résistance. 18 months in the making, this unique album is comprised exclusively of well over 300 blistering GUITAR SOLOS. Layered swarms of true guitar heroism cascade into a massive wall of destructive proportions. Every lead style imagineable is represented within these tracks. If you like the idea of an album that sounds like a sandstorm of shred, this is definitely for you! Physical copies were packaged in an awesome metallic, cast-resin sculptural sleeve. Running Time: 35:32 Year: 2007

Kenji Siratori - Kill All Machines: Noise Mantra
A deeply disturbing and equally devastating release from the world of acclaimed, avant-insane, cyberpoet extraordinare, Kenji Siratori. 10 Japanese mantras in the voice of your dead future spoken atop a mountain of noise. Packaged in an opaque white jewel case with printed slipcover. Also includes a booklet of English translations of each mantra. Get this album to hear all about the completely warped shape of things to come! Running Time: 32:35 Year: 2006

LEO - leo
An excellent album of really far-out experimental noise by Virginia artist LEO (from Piasa). This release has something for everyone: swirling noisescapes, organic sound, death-crush avalanches of Casio annihilation, charming, sparkling ambient moments and everything in between. Physical copies arrived in hand-drawn, limited edition sleeves. Running Time: 37:42 Year: 2006

Various Artists - Doomsday Cake
77 mindbreaking minutes of the lunatic fringe expounding on the glory of the coming of the Beast. Unparalleled Endtime vision, with tracks by: The Seven Arts, Thousand Year Frog, Izanami's Labour Pains, DD6, The Absence of Sound Before the Storm, Brainquake, Ctephin, Noisewerrrrk, Tuft, Random Insults, DamnoTe, Directbrainstimulation, theFlu, and Knife Power. Enter the 14 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Year: 2006

Tuft - Bathory
Tactile, textural, tube-driven guitar crunch madness convoluting into twists of skronk & howl that decimates all things in its path. The second track on this album is 15-minute droning noisescape intro leading into a smooth subsonic nightmare. Originally packaged in a handmade, bookstyle case. Running Time 41:47 Year: 2005

Tuft - Lycanthropy
One 56-minute track of undulating, savage cable noise combined with the 6Hz & 9Hz subsonic tones of the near mythical Feraliminal Lycanthropizer. Hear the chaotic lack of self consciousness of the animal man. Originally packaged in a handmade, bookstyle case. Running Time 55:41 Year: 2005

Tuft - Dayguard
Absolute drone, doom, apocalypse. This album crushes all it surveys with the title track chugging in at a hefty 28:00, you have no hope but to succumb to this beast. The other track, Borgo Pass, bludgeons endlessly with a 10-minute doom bomb. Originally packaged in a handmade, bookstyle case. Running Time 38:40 Year: 2004

Tuft - Cannibal Fantasy
Seven totally sick-minded drone textures oozing out of this limited edition EP. Relax your mind under a monolithic cavalcade of rolling goo highlighted with tons of crunching bone. Really, how can you go wrong with tracks like: "You Are Pudding" and "I Eat Skeletons?" Only 45 physical copies of this weird ode to the modern, urban cannibal were made. Each arrived with a hand-painted HUMAN BONE...uhhh...Running Time: 21:24 Year: 2006

Tuft - Man Made Entirely of Milk
Wild, feedback galore, rudely interrupted. Do you cower in fear at the verge of disaster or do you press on toward victory? Original 3" CD packaged in a handmade sleeve. Running Time 19:23 Year: 2006